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Evolution, Culture And Mechanisms

Evolution, Culture And Mechanisms
And Required 2010 Introspection

A. From "Evolution, The Drive Behind The Mechanisms"

For 21st century Science evolution is all about and in Mechanisms. For the present "scientists"
it is The Mechanisms that drive and move things, which is what they consider evolution.

Factually, however, again and again, Life's is the ubiquitous cosmic evolution mode. The origin and nature of cosmic evolution is the origin and nature of life's evolution, and it is evolution that is the drive behind developing mechanisms.

B. Evolution is "attaining temporary augmented energy constraint", per

"Physical Evolution Defintion"

"attaining temporary augmented energy constraint in successive generations with energy drained from other mass formats, to temporarily postpone, survive...", so that the more the attained energy constrained the longer is the survival.

C. Culture is the gear that couples Evolution with mechanisms

Culture is the total mode of responses of organisms to their environment and circumstances, per
"Culture And Intelligence Of Living And Inanimate matter"

The tools of the modes of responses are the Mechanisms, the technologies.

D. And, BTW, this is why "Prsdnt Obama Should Consider An Overdue Introspection"

Prsdnt Obama, his advisers and all of us should internalize that it's not just the economy that collapsed. Not just the financial system-policies. It's the 20th century technology culture that collapsed. We and the rest of the world not only have not yet internalized our cultural collapse, but are persistently striving against basic rationalism, against scientism, to reinvigorate the terminally ill technology culture, its values and its economy. We're all striving to reinvigorate the technology culture with Mechanisms, with money printing plus "tighter rules and regulations".

This will NOT WORK. It will not work simply because Mechanisms do not tackle the causes of the collapse, the greed culture, its mentality and ethics. Present technology culture humanity is conditioned to bypass all rules and regulations on its race after greed.

Again, it is vitally important for charting the future course of our society to learn and understand, to analyse and assess, with a scientism perspective, the evolution and collapse of the Technology Culture and the implications, within it, of the bare survival of basic classical science, of the further comprehension of our place and fate in the universe. Again, it is vitally important for charting the future course of our society to embark on a long course to a new, science-based, more rational, virtual reality culture.

Dov Henis
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28Dec09 Implications Of E=Total[m(1 + D)]
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