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not to sound like a broken record...

I had a similar reaction to the first half of the book as Flora, Rebecca and Sam. While I am actually really enjoying the book - I have found myself laughing out loud a few times and then smiling at the silliness of some of the scenes - the connection to science (gender has found its way in subtly) is still a bit over my head. I suppose that my problem is transitioning from Properties to 49. Whereas Properties literally hit me over the head with physics and philosophy, 49 seems quite distanced from the topic at hand. Perhaps I am looking too hard and need to be patient. 

I have picked up on some interesting themes of perspective and alternating lenses...but my desperation for something to connect to the class may have caused me to see something that actually is not there. So, needless to say i don't feel confident discussing my ideas yet until i have read some more. I hope that reading further will shed some light on these ideas and then i can share them with you all....or you know, with serendipity.


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