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Thought Experiments

First of all, depression is a very interesting point. What can one make of severe, clinical depression that seems to occur without rhyme or reason? Simply a self-generative interneuron action?

Additionally, I can't imagine there being an organism without interneurons based on what I heard in class. Are interneurons not the conduits that facilitate all nervous activity, sensory and motor nerves as well as cognitive, self-generative activity? 

Here is an interesting article I found that deals with the thought experiment: How might an organism without receptors, that is, without sensory neurons function?

The article discusses "mysterious induction" and "energy fields" as fundamental to the proposed motor/interneuron system. 

At the very least, I thought it was interesting the way the author expresses a notion of motor/sensory neurons as operating concomitantly in all perception, behavior being dependent upon a subjectively motor-driven perception of an environment. 



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