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Last week's lecture was

Last week's lecture was straightforward because I had no opposition to any of the ideas presented such as that there are huge numbers of neurons and that "inputs" mean signals in sensory neurons and "outputs" means signals in motor neurons.  I had been previously exposed to these concepts in textbook before.  The more freuqently I had been taught of them, the easier for me to accept them as "less wrong." 

Earlier, I had trouble progressing my position from a believer of "stimulus-response model" to that of "input-output box" becuase I had no strong conviction to abandon the former.  However, when I was presented with the observations of neurons and more traditional scientific sources with specific numbers(10^12 neurons in human body) and familiar ideas, I was convinced readily. It was interesting to observe myself changing views and reacting to the different degree depending on the different nature of obervation (me being more sensitive and willing to change by numbers and tangible, familiar sources)


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