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So maybe Dickinson had a point...

So maybe Dickinson is looking at me right now going "I told you so".

This box theory is proving that it really is the physical matter of the brain that is controlling our behavior. It is as wide than the sky in the sense that our brain has a wide capacity to hold and process all sorts of information and as the nerves in our eyes are responsible for seeing the sky. However the content of the brain isn't the only thing that is important; by looking at the brains of different animals, size and structure are also critical to behavior. We behave very differently from a frog, not because we have different material from them but because that material is structured differently. This makes a very strong case that brain=behavior, along with the face that about 99% of the brain's neurons are interneurons (receive and send signals within the nervous system where the outside world has no effect), that Dickinson's view holds true. But I've been a believer that the "mind" (emotions, consciousness, etc.) is  embedded within the "brain" (physical matter). Perhaps this is the begginning to finding that proof, or at least an answer? 


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