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Morphology in the Brain: A Sand on the topic of Sexuality

Since we have been discussing the possibility of each person's brain being uniquely structured and individually based upon the ways in which one processes their inputs to make outputs, I thought about the issue of sexual preference. In proving that there are differences structurally between male and female brains, one can argue that there is a possibility that a man can be born more with a "female" mind rather than a "male" mind.  What I mean to say is that a man could receive inputs and create outputs more similarly to a woman than a fellow male counterpart.
Those who believe that sexual preference is not biological based rather is the outcome of choice, should think of the mind uniquely structured based on fate and a continuous battle between society on what is manly or womanly as opposed to an outcome of freewill. What is to be said about those who are born hermaphrodite- in order to say that one is a man or woman, isn't it a more concrete decision to observe how the individual processes information (deals with inputs & outputs) in order to label them a certain sex rather than observing their behavior which is influenced by society (a choice on how to act)?       


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