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Nervous System

I think I may have some difficulty explaining my thoughts clearly and coherently, but I want to talk about a negative circumstance that I'm not sure I fully understand now relating to the function of the nervous system.  We learned that the nervous system is >99.99% inter neurons.  Also, that the neurons are made up of boxes within boxes that receive inputs and transmit outputs. 

What I'm interested in learning is the effect of different diseases and injuries that lead to various forms of degeneration of the nervous system.  I wonder about the effect on the various neurons and the quantity/abilities of the boxes.  Which type of the three neurons will be most adversely effected. 

Go to the far extreme of degenerative diseases, total loss of bodily functions.  From here I believe that Emily Dickinson's view is strengthened in contrast to Descartes'.  Although you are unable to move your body, you still have the ability to think, have urges and feelings.  Using Dickinson's theory your mind is still at work and the world is what you imagine it to be, and you decide your "actions" from your mind.  Whereas with Descartes, you would be mentally and physically incapicitated since your nervous system would be shut down.   


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