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Hi everyone, my name is Vivian Cruz Pena and I am a junior at Bryn Mawr with a Political Science major. I was born and raised in El Salvador and moved to MA when I was 13. I still miss the tropical weather of my country very much, but also love all the different weather seasons that I now experience here. Science has never been my strength, so I really love the "loopy" kind of science that we'll be learning this semester, I love the idea of having no definite answers or outcomes because that way we feel more free to dig deeper in our analyasis and discussions. One of the places that I love the most is the beach and I wonder how is the combination of that tranquility, beautiful sight, and soothing sounds work in our brain to cause a sense of peace and relaxation? I also would like to know what are the chemical reactions that are released (or not?) when we laugh that cause us to feel better and changes our mood? Like others, I also wonder how the dreams work in our mind? I dream a lot, especially when I'm worried or too anxious about something, so I'm intrigued about how the brain processes my thoughts and makes them (or combines them, or something like that?) into a dream??


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