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Max Scherrer here. I am a single child from an upper middle class family in severe debt. Neither of my parents have college degrees and I will be one of the few in my entire extended family to receive one. I was born and raised in Los Angeles (Hollywood) California and have been accordingly influenced by the attendent culture (s), elitism(s), and can certainly imagine that it has affected my behavior.




1. Acquisitiveness - When is an extreme cocern for accumulating more money an indicator of fitness, or respectively, a detrimental pathology?

2. Altruism/Selflessness - To what extent can "selflessness" be explained or reconciled with the standard biological imperatives recognized. Is there such a thing as pure altruism, seperate or extricable from darwinian advantage/incentive? if so what are the implications?

3.   Sociability - How would one discuss the distinction between intro- and extroverts from a neurobiological standpoint? What can one say about the development, psyche, or general nature of one or the other? Are there significant socio-biological implications for one type over the other or is such a distinction fundamentally unscientific? Is one capable of a more fundamental egotism? 

4. What does neurobiology have to say about Solipsism?


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