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About Me and Questions

My name is Hanna Lee. I love almost all tropical fruits, and I think my love for them comes from eating a lot of tropical fruits as a toddler in the Solomon Islands. I’ve lived most of my life in the suburbs of New Jersey. I grew up going to church with my parents every Sunday. While I am a Christian with some conservative views, I am politically liberal.  Like a couple of people in the class, I have multiple identities that wrestle with one another; and, therefore my values and views are constantly shifting. I find parts of me in the Korean culture, American culture, Christian community, and Bryn Mawr communtiy.



  1. Do soul mates exist? I learned in my intro Bio class that pheromones control/work with attraction, and birth control pills and perfumes can mask peoples’ pheromones and thus alter people’s attraction to one another. The brain controls our bodily functions including pheromone production, so how does the brain work to find one’s soul mate? Also, can the brain find one’s soul mate despite the use of birth control pills and perfumes? If pheromones mainly work in finding one’s counterpart, then can we make drugs to make people fall in love?
  2. In North Korea, the government advocates early education in worshipping their dictator so that there are less revolts/oppositions. This sort of brainwashing is a core part of the North Korean government. How does brainwashing work and can drugs be developed to model it?
  3. Some people are steadfast in their beliefs and some are not. Is there a neurological difference that causes this difference in people?
  4. There is a period when people can learn language, however when that period has passed, people cannot learn any language at all. Why is this when they have all the brain capacity to do so?
  5. Supposedly, most people use 10% of their brains. What does the other 90% do?


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