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Hi my name is Dean Laganosky and I am a senior from Wilmington, DE. I am a very analytical thinker, and as a Pre-Med Biology Major, have been exposed to an education primarily dictated by scientific fact and what is typically perceived as irrefutable truth. This academic background, however, has fueled a distinct curiosity in how the beliefs that a certain individual may have don't necessarily have to be incorrect if they oppose these specified 'universal truths'.
As far as other aspects that make me a unique contributor to this class, I am a collegiate baseball player for Haverford College who was drafted professionally in 2008 by the Cleveland Indians Major League Baseball Organization. Also, I lived on a dairy farm this past summer for three months, which has provided me with a unique perspective on the ways in which some people live.

Three questions that I would like to explore during this course:
-the limitations/size of the physical and mental universe
-perceiving in higher dimensions
-the reason for life and sense-based perception and the role/existence of an afterlife.


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