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I am a local girl who chose

I am a local girl who chose to stay close to her horse(s).  We are so close that my horse and I sleep under the same roof, her in a stall with straw, me in bedroom and bed.  This setup has made it possible for me to spend a significant time observing the behavior of horses.  However, I have spent almost no time studying their brains.  Hopefully this class will add some breadth to my experience with behavior, brains, and the relationship between the two.  I have also spent some time thinking about human brain, mind, and behavior.  I took a course last semester on mental health and the brain, spent some time in therapy, experienced or forgot six concussions with post-traumatic amnesia, and observed the progression of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. 

I would like to learn more about the differences between humans and animals.  Specifically, how it relates to differences between their brains. 

The neurobiology of gender and sex interest me.  Beyond the role of hormones… I have a really great story about the behavior of two mares and some hormones gone wrong.

I am curious about the connection between behavior and the unconscious. Or perhaps our lack of conscious awareness of our behavior?  I think this plays some part in therapy.  


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