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Hi. I'm Adam Zakheim. Born and raised in South Philadelphia, I had the unique opportunity to live in a culturally diverse city, replete with pride and history. My life at home, which stands on a foundation of torah and Jewish law, instilled in me a desire to co-exist peacefully and with sensitivity. Prior to Haverford, I attended the William Penn Charter School in East Falls, which exposed me to the Quaker sense of law, consensus and community. These experiences led me to Haverford, where I have grown to understand the value of individual consciousness and communal responsibility. I am an avid sports fan, who enjoys watching and playing most any sport (except for cricket). I am not discriminating when it comes to music and will listen to pretty much anything. My scholastic interests are not limited either, although I am majoring in classical history and chemistry. Otherwise, my interests include reading, going to the gym, traveling and learning how to make the perfect cup of coffee.

Questions I've always wondered...
1) What is sleep? And how does sleep deprivation affect the brain?
2) What is the physiological basis for road rage?
3) What affect does prolonged spaceflight have on astronauts? How do astronauts cope with the stress of space flight (such as being confined to a small capsule or space station and eating freeze-dried hot dogs for several weeks)?


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