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Fatima Quadri's Intro = )

I’m a twenty year old sophomore at Bryn Mawr. I’ve lived in four different states and two other countries. I have met all kinds of people and have heard their various life stories, ideas, and opinions. This is my personal proof that people are diverse. It has always fascinated me that the human race is rich in variety of thoughts, perceptions, opinions, interests, and much more, despite the fact that all of these come from an organ that pretty much looks the same in each person; that organ being the human brain. I’m interested in knowing how the brain can function in not only accomplishing its basic tasks (getting one’s hands off the lit stove) but also, how it functions to cause one person to be different from the next (nature versus nurture; how do interests develop?; how are men and women different via their brain science?).

Here are three questions that randomly popped in my head during class:

1)What is the brain’s activity during hypnosis and how does it differ from person to person?

2)How does the brain fall in love? (I personally don’t think it’s all about the heart)

3)What is the biology behind headaches?


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