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On the teacher's prep notes,

On the teacher's prep notes, I have printed out two sheets of each page for the autosome genes and one copy of each of the sex chromosome plage.

I cut out the strips, 36 strips on each age. Now this is where I'm confused, do I glue the same strips (e.g. ABcDe) on both sides of one popsicle stick? For the female sex chromosome, do I just use any two strips from the page? What does the + and - mean? But for the male chromosomes, I don't know which one is the x and the f chromosome ! I'm so confused!


So each student gets four autosome sticks all together, each a different color, and one sex chromosome stick. Am I correct? Do the students just then randomly drop any stick on the table?What will be recorded? The whole chromose (AbcDe)? But they have that on both sides of the stick am I right?

I don't know what the students record on the activity sheet as well

I'm so confused. Any clarification would help! Is there any videos showing an example of this hands on activity? I need this for my prac!

Thank you so much!


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