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Blending creation with evolution

I am 59 now, have decided to make my point of reference in life the brain. ..For the last 10 years have been studying the brain and as much related material as possible. I'ts been an interesting journey and I now run a personal change management workshop (10 sessions) for companies.
If you study the brain it is chiefly an organ of memory, with many different ways of storing and in fact creating memory, whether as a result of physical interaction with the real world, or through input of theory by listening to the experience of others.
I have found that the best independent method of arriving at the "truth" is by independently tracing an event back to it's origins.
Whenever I have investigated religion, so far, it always is based on acceptance of third hand information, based on man's imaginary explanations for a particular event. This is often supported by an emotional and semi-conscious "experience", ie. feeling a spiritual presence, or hearing voices.
I can understand why religion seems so real, but investigating each individual case has led me to a scientific understanding, backed up by vast amounts of legitimate experimentation.
Religion seems to be a choice of what one wishes to believe in. The word belief in order to exist requires an element of faith. Faith is acceptance without investigation.


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