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Introduction and questions

Hello, my name is Erin Glaser.

I have three siblings, two sisters and one brother. My older sister is in college but is thinking about becoming a tattoo artist. I grew up in Northern Virginia (the part of Virginia that would rather consider itself to be a part of DC than Virginia). My parents are divorced but out of economic necessity they still live in the same house. Over the course of my life, I have had a managerie of pets including dogs, cats, parrots, fish, hamsters, guinea pigs and a handful of tomagotchi's. Although I was raised in the same house all my life I have traveled to Ireland and The Philippines and want to travel more around the world. I love watching horror movies in order to make fun of them. And I hope to become a forensic anthropologist.


My questions for this course are...

1.Where do stories come from? What were the firs stories and why were they created?

2. How has human evolution affected the way we tell stories?

3. How do scientific advances alter literature and vice versus?


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