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Lillie Estelle

Hello, my name is Lillie. I'm a freshman at Bryn Mawr and hope to be an English major. I'm from Nashville, TN and have found Philadelphia to be an exciting place. I believe that one's life is, in essence, a sum of one's experiences and so I chose to take this course to see how it can evolve my own life summary. I've always enjoyed learning about new concepts in science, but eagerly remove myself from the math. I enjoy the idea of looking at concepts from a more philosophical/ humanities viewpoint. I don't feel that this into describes me in any real way so I should say that I drink red bull, stop at green lights, and am obsessed with New York. I was also a teenage fag hag and find myself still going to gay clubs often... since they are the most fun. Maybe that was too much information, but I'll go with it.

My questions were:
1. How does the way we've progressed effect the way we think of ourselves?
2. Does the way we tell our stories reflect the evolution of our past?
3. What do stories have to do with evolution?


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