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Hi all, my name is Rina. I

Hi all, my name is Rina. I hail from Easton, Pennsylvania, the same little town where Binney and Smith’s Crayola factory is located. I’m a senior at Bryn Mawr and am pursuing a major in Biology and a minor in Spanish, specifically with a keen interest in Latin American literature.  My Spanish minor allows me to take time away from my second home, the Park Science Building, and experience the other side of campus.  In fact, this is my first class in the English House.  My unconventional academic combination also allows me to explore detail on different levels, studying regimented biological systems at one time and abstract Latin American prose at another. However, even after taking several literature courses, I still think I have a very scientific way of thinking. I am a first generation born Indian American and have a sincere interest in the cultural/environmental influence on the development of behavior and the origin/evolution of thought.  I am interested to see how my scientific notions of thinking may be skewed/destroyed/reaffirmed by this class and how the notion of evolution can be discussed in both a biological and literary sense.   Some questions:
  1. Is there a single, definitive origin to every story?
  2. What were Darwin’s perceptions of religion?
  3. How much has the past had an impact on our present way of thinking? Is there a notion of conservation in the evolution of stories as there is in biological systems?


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