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Hey everybody, I’m a

Hey everybody, I’m a local girl who wanted to stay close to her horse(s).  We are so close that my pony and I sleep under the same roof, her in a stall with straw, me in bedroom and bed.  Other than my love of horses, I am really interested in literature.  There are stacks and stacks of novels in my apartment and my younger horse is named for a character in a Faulkner novel.  However, reading has been mainly a hobby or relaxation for me.  I am a double major in biology and chemistry.  This course seemed like the perfect opportunity to combine my academic and personal interests. 

As a potential high school science teacher, I would love to develop a perspective on evolution beyond a brief biological definition or the religion vs. science debate.  At least add some breadth to the discussion of evolution?

It occurs to me that any conversation about the story of evolution or the evolution of stories is about a many things, organisms, people as opposed to one.  In a course I took last semester on mental health and the brain, our discussion seemed to be more about individual stories and personal transformations.  Is this distinction meaningful or useful?

I am also taking a class on the historical roots of evolutionary developmental biology.  I wonder how history fits into the interdisciplinary space between science and literature?


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