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Hi, I'm Sarah Bechdel. I'm a junior at Bryn Mawr studying anthropology and trying to learn Spanish. I took this class because I'm interested in learning about evolution and biology, especially since they relate to my major, and this class seems different than anything else I've ever taken before. I have no past experience with biology other than falling asleep in high school bio, although I have taken some really great lit classes. Right now I am muddling through The Glass Bead Game by Hermann Hesse, and as it is conceptually completely over my head but very much related to your subject matter, I would be interested in talking to you guys about it if you've read it before.

My questions:

1. What qualifies as a story in this class? how is a story defined?

2. How will discourses of creationism affect this class? are evolutionary and creationist discourses actually that different?

3. Will we learn about theories of creation/evolution that are earlier than Charles Darwin and the modern era?


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