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Hello! I'm Arielle Seidman,

Hello! I'm Arielle Seidman, or "Relle" for short. I'm a Junior at Bryn Mawr, and an enthusiastic English major. I readily confess, I'm one of those people who looks at the word "science" and runs blindly in the other direction. I'm hoping to shake some of that this year. One of the things that most intrigued and appealed to me about this course was the fact that we seem to be accessing science from the angle of literary criticism: "If I cannot disprove it, it will hold up as plausible." I'm an arguer who likes to play devil's advocate and nitpick over nuances, but I'll try to be good.


What exactly are we using as our definition of "evolution?" Does it go beyond "change over time," the way I (and probably many others) learned it in high school?

 Have religius theories about creation evolved over time, as well as scientific ones?

 Are there any pieces of fictional literatue which deal with diferent concepts of evolution? What are some other theories of evolution (not neccessarily of creation.)





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