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Hello everybody! My name is Keely and I am a SophomoreSpanish major, but I am interested in many subjects outside of Spanish.  In the past I have enjoyed learningscience concepts, but have avoided science classes due to my dislike oflabs.  In high school I tookEnvironmental Science, which I loved. I am intrigued by the combination of English and Biology (two subjectsthat I enjoy).  I am not surespecifically what I will bring. Like everybody, I have had unique experiences that will help mecontribute to our learning. However, I’m not yet sure exactly how my experiences will behelpful.  Although I have notstudied English or Biology extensively, I bring a desire to learn and a senseof curiosity that will contribute to the class atmosphere.


1. Is the concept of evolution relevant to other parts oflife?  For example, can the idea ofevolution be applied to history? Or is evolution irrelevant to life outsideBiology?

2. How does the idea of evolution connect English andBiology?

3. Is Darwin’s theory in particular relevant to life outsidescience?


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