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Introducing Myself

My name is Katie and I'm a freshman at Bryn Mawr. I'm from New York City, which teaches you something about diversity-- that it's there but sometimes more superficial than people want to admit, and sometimes less obvious than it seems. In such a big city, why are neighborhoods often dominated by one ethnicity? Why do kids form the groups they do in schools? And why is diversity so often used to mean ethnic diversity, when it's so much more than that?
I like to ask questions, and discuss, and go off on tangets. I like classes where students aren't expected to learn a particular set of answers, or even be completely set in their own opinions, since I often have a hard time making up my mind.
Those earlier questions aren't the ones I came up with for this course, but we may end up discussing them anyway. The questions I came up with are:
Do stories evolve the way that living things do, or is the process different?
Has technology changed the way that humans and other living things on Earth evolve?
Do all stories evolve in the same way?


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