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Hey, everyone I'm a mountain girl that has decided to move closer to a city. I live in a family with a brother who can be very loud when voiceing his opinions. Usually when I am near. I am a great listener that hears everyone's opinions before I voice my own. With my brother never being able to stop talking I am used to squeezing in my views before he goes on a rampage. Surrounded by sciences with my mom being a nurse and my dad a retired forester I guess I have the genes for science. I love the outdoors and wish I was able to play outside every day. Ready to listen and voice my own opinions I can't wait to start our discussions. Questions from an open mind starting with "Which stories by Darwin were disproved? How does intelligent design fit into the story? Their idea and support? and Darwinisms, Are these stories worthy of being used in Darwins theory or are they only used for a good laugh?"


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