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Everything that is observed

Everything that is observed isfiltrated by a referential theory that suddenly could appear to be insufficient, but the object must be exclusively observed with that particular theory or with another one (Popper 1928, 1982). This means that the object that is being studied is also influenced by the modalities with which we are observing. Pure objectivity cannot exist and what we are observing does not belong to object,but it is a product of the interaction of the object itself with the system adopted for the observation.

In order to define a particular mental illness, many different factors, especially our cultural and social beliefs that shape our observations,  must be taken into consideration. We cannot just "translate", according to the norms of our society, a mental illness into a disease, in order to eliminate it. If a form of therapy must be chosen, one should focus on what works for a particular person, rather than focusing on how the disorder arose. Each phenomenon must be placed within the context in which it manifests itself.



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