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When I first played this

When I first played this game, I decided to “cooperate”, since I didn’t want to “beat” the game, I just wanted to be able to understand how to play the game. As time went on however, I realized that no matter how badly I played, I would still win. At that point, I unconsciously started to try to “outsmart” the game by trying new techniques and tried to play offense rather than defensive. My behavior in this game reminds me of how I would play soccer: rather than actively try to obtain the ball from my opponents and try to get it into the goal, I would remain passive aggressive, and only try to get the ball from the opposing team if the ball was on my side of the field. I would also try to pass the ball to other members on my team, rather than to shoot the ball into the goal. Even though attempting to shoot the ball into the goal is riskier than passing it to other members on the team, it is also more rewarding, say if I did happen to make a goal. In terms of Prisoners Dilemma, even though it is difficult to think out of the “norm”, instead of letting the game influence my actions, it is both exciting and challenging to think of ways to go beyond  the limits of the game in overcoming it.


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