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Prisoner's Dilemma

By nature, I would say that I would rather cooperate than compete. However, after I cooperated several times with the computer, I felt it was a bit redundant, so my next move was to compete. Originally, when I first began to compete, it was to my advantage, however, as I continued to compete, the number of coins between me and the computer began to decrease, and my advantage soon discipated. In another sense, I guess you could say that the more that I competed, the more that I was punished. I personally was not a fan of the game, and like we discussed in class, I feel as though it was really predictable after a while and it would be more interesting for there to be more variation.

A time in my life that reminded me of the Prisoner's Dilemma, would probabaly be each time I play golf. Most of the time, in golf, I rather take the risk ( compete) than cooperate with the golf course. For example, challenge a water hazard or an out of bounds marking. I think it is more rewarding in a sport, and probably most aspects of life, to compete and receive the benefits than to cooperate and possibly miss out on opportunities.


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