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Zero-Sum Grading?

cooperated 3 times:
33 me/33 serendip
33 me/33 serendip
66 me/66 serendip

competed 3 times:
14 me/9 serendip
14 me/9 serendip
14 me/9 serendip

cooperated, then competed,
alternately, 3 times:
33 me/28 serendip
28 me/28 serendip
28 me/23 serendip

competed, then cooperated,
alternately, 3 times:
30 me/25 serendip
25 me/25 serendip
35 me/35 serendip data accords w/ what abhattacha said so clearly above:

I'm trying to think about what win-win situations I have been in. In the terms of this game, I'd say that Peter and I have actually been trying to create a win-win situation in this class. Do you think that is possible? Can thinking out loud/reading/writing papers be a zero-sum game? If we all cooperate? When there's grading @ semester's end?


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