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Playing Prisoner's Dilemma

The first time I played the game, I clicked randomly and by chance I had won but barely.  The second time, I chose to compete with serendip more times than I cooperated.  I guess I was trying to find a pattern in serendip's choices when it was probably trying to do the same with my choices.  That time I played it, it said I was borderline on the number of coins I had to have throughout the whole game.  So I played the game one last time and "won" although I'm not quite sure what that really meant.

A prisoner's dilemma in my life would be when we used to play jeopardy in high school for extra credit points.  If we all wagered the same amount of points, we would all get the same amount of points.  But since we did not know how much other groups wagered, we would try to wager the highest amount possible to win because we all wanted to get the most extra credit points possible.


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