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I played the game three

I played the game three times: once choosing a combination of both compete and coordinate, once choosing only compete, and once choosing only to coordinate. The safest was to coordinate, becuase both of serendip and I had got the same amounts of coins.  By clicking soley on compete, I had won, but I had also played with"Inconceivably Foul Fate."

My real life example of Prisoner's Dilemma would be getting into trouble when i was young. We weren't allowed to chew gum in class, and my teacher caught me and my friend with gum. So we promised each other that neither of us would tell the teacher where we got the gum from. When the teacher spoke to us individually, I had said i didn't know wher ethe gum came from, and she told the teacher that i had given her the gum. got into trouble for that :(


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