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I guess I'm just a cooperator?

Though I said this in class already, I agree with Katie. I chose to cooperate because in any situation I could think of in my life, that is what my natural and instinctual choice would be -- to cooperate. Even in the *real* prisoner's dilemma, where the prisoners must choose to tell on one another, or to keep quiet, I can't imagine myself not cooperating. It is simply not in my nature. If we're talking about real gold coins, you can keep them; I'm not one to compete for material posessions.

Even in the "real life" example I brought up in class-- where "cooperating" would be sharing class notes with someone and "competing" would be using those notes to benefit one's own grade without assisting the original note-taker-- I have only ever played the role of the cooperator, to my knowledege. Like Katie, I don't think the prisoner's dilemma has much of a place in my life either.


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