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to be selfish or to be nice

Honestly, the point of the game somewhat confuses me but the first time I played it I used my competitive instinct -- I competed every time and came out on top. The second time I tried to get about even with serendip, but I competed only ONCE, and yes we came out even anyways. To me it is confusing but it made me think about all of the times I was selfish versus the time I tried to be nice and selfless. I guess when I try to think of a time in life when I did this (this might be a stretch but it is what comes to mind) is my roommate in 9th grade (I went to a boarding school). We never spoke one word to each other the whole year. We were young and not ready to live on our own, so we only thought about our needs and didn't even bother to acknowledge each other's needs. I guess what the game made me think about is that being selfish may make you rise to the top, but you leave others behind. Now at Bryn Mawr, I have learned how to handle living with others.  I talk to my roommates about the tinniest of issues, because I realize at the end of the day it is the better solution to try to balance things out rather than a more selfish situation.



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