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I plan on writing my essay

I plan on writing my essay this week on the conspicious similarities between Prodigal Summer and the Yellow Woman story. In the novel, many of the characters were women, and they were women that lived alone, whether by choice ( in the case of Deanna), or through unfortunate circumstances such as in the case of Lusa after Cole's death. The Yellow Woman's story, according to our reading, "highlights her alientation from the people" or a "woman who refuses to marry". The behavior of women is described as being unconventional or non-conforming in the Yellow Woman Tales, and I think that most of the behavior of the women seen in the novel coincides with this idea. For example, Lusa, through staying at the Widener farm is essentially going against the will of Cole's family, however her willingness to love and accept Jewel's children as her own highlights the "Role of a woman"' and accentuates the characteristics of what can be seen as a role model - an idea that is highly praised in Yellow Woman tales. Again, Deanna's desire to live her life on own greatly portrays the Yellow Woman ideal of self independence.


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