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compare and contrast

At first I was at a loss because I did not see any connections between either of the essays to the novel. I also did not know how to interpret a novel without creating a foreground and background. However, I have decided to write from Allen's perspective and use her model of a tribal story, that of balance with no foreground or background as a model for my essay, comparing and contrasting the novel to her ideas about tribal feminism. I will explain in the first paragraph that I am doing this from "my" own model, comparing and contrasting to avoid conflict, foregrounding and backgrounding, with harmonious balance. However in my conclusion I will write about how while it is possible for a story, like the tribal story of yellow woman, to have no foreground or background, it is impossible to interpret anything using "my" model of an ecosystem because by interpreting, I am picking and choosing and therefore creating a foreground and background. 


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