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Metaphorically Black and White

I was one of the people that advocated the metamorphically black and white images in Persepolis. I would like to address the objection you raised. In your post you said you did not understand why people took the two colors in the graphic novel to mean that there was a barrier to see the complete picture. I said this because graphic novels are generally in color. I do not think I would have said this if it had been any other graphic novel, other than Persepolis, about something other than Iranian women. You are right when you say most books are written with black ink on white paper. It is for this reason, we did not examine the function of Middlesex as a black and white text. The fact that graphic novels are ordinarily in color encouraged my exploration of the purpose of this creative manifestation of story-telling.

Does this make sense now that I explained it? According to you, is there a function of the B-W images in Persepolis?


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