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Hunting down the cereal box

I know our eyes are where they are because we are/or rather were predators.  I guess we still are predators but a lot has changed I don’t need to hunt down my meat anymore, it comes nice and clean and vacuum-packed in the grocery store, I don’t have to capture it and I certainly don’t need to pounce on my box of frosted mini wheat to catch it.  So what I am wondering is if in Western society (there are still societies where humans are and need to be predators) how our eyes will or are evolving.  Granted it would be pretty ridiculous to see a person with eye balls on the sides of their heads, and I know a change in a eye position would bungle up our brain’s visual system so bad it makes my head hurt --- yet is it possible?  Yes we do hunt animals etc. but they are on farms and are so domesticated that so we still count as predators, do we really need to watch out for them?


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