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Whatever the brain is doing,

Whatever the brain is doing, we seem to get along just fine.  By the laws of natural selection, our brains have evolved and adapted to fit our environment and meet our needs.  Seeing true reality apparently isn’t necessary to make it to the top of the food chain.  We’ve organized our lives and perspectives around the reality our brains construct for us.  We wouldn’t know how to get by in true reality, because our brains wouldn’t know how to interpret it, unless they’d evolved to incorporate all of that information.  Other animals have adapted to their own niches with different perceptions that best enable them to survive.  I don’t think it’s frightening that we don’t experience true reality, as some people have said.  I’d be more frightened to actually experience true reality, because my brain isn’t meant to perceive things as they really are.  It’s meant to perceive them in a way that is most helpful to my survival.


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