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When you say reality, it is

When you say reality, it is necessary to define what exactly reality is. How can one really define reality? Who know what reality really is if each person's experiences and perceptions are different? It seems that there is no all encompassing definition of reality. Ane who really cares if the brain isn't organized to give a picture of reality if we are still able to function and what we see isn't causing us to have a diminished quality of life.

The visual system is more complicated than can ever be imagined. The majority of the brain is devoted to vision. There are different kinds of cells that account for every different aspect of vision: cells that "see" lines, cells that are sensitive to motion, ones that are sensitive to color, etc. All in all, I feel that the brain does a pretty good job of integrating all of these different pathways and kinds of cells into one complete picture.


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