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aura colors?

I have to agree with Eden that it is interesting what our brain edits out, and if that really is an asset.

A few months ago a friend of mine started rambling about auras, and about how he could see them, etc. I pretty much told him that he was talking crazy, but being in this class has made me question my original reaction. Maybe people really do have auras, maybe even auras that are made up of certain colors. Maybe there are some people who have the ability to see them, kind of like the way dogs sense emotions in people, like Eden was talking about. It's really not that impossible once you start thinking about all the things the brain does edit out...

And then, of course, I start wondering about 'psychics' and people who can 'see ghosts', ideas which I readily dismissed before. I'm not a science major, but I am a very down-to-earth person... I like to have evidence about everything, I like things to be pragmatic and, well, very cut and dry. Every once in a while I take a moment to think about all the fantastical things that may or may not exist, but usually I just focus on what I can see and smell and hear, rather than what I might be missing out on.

Basically, this class, by making me question reality, has made me a little more open to the idea that people can hear, see, or sense things that I may not be able to hear, see, or sense. I'm a bit ashamed to say it, because I really do like things to be clear, "experimentable on", etc. But maybe this is good... maybe I'll start looking into subjects I would otherwise have ridiculed.


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