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Seeing my dinner

I thought that the differences in sight that we talked about on Thursday was very interesting. The thought that we evolved different eye positions based on the food that we eat is fascinating. Rabbits eat grass. They don't need to focus on how far away their food is. Grass is everywhere, its pretty easy to find it. However predators are the more immediate concern for the rabbits. Thus there eyes evolved on the side of their heads so that they could see all around them. They don't need to focus on how far away the predators are, they just need to see that they are there. They way their eyes evolved is perfect for what they need. However we were made to be hunters. Our food is not everywhere, we need to find it and focus on it. Thus it makes sense for our food to be in the front of our face. We need to know the exact distance away from us that our food is. It doesn't matter so much where predators are because we don't have many. We are a predator. The evolution of the location of eyes seems to be one of the most sensical things that has ever happened. Herbivores need to see predators all around them. Predators need to focus on their food. The location of the eyes is what matters. And evolution has managed to solve the problems. I think that is fascinating.


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