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I really love reading Persepolis. I think it is such a unique approach to literature. Satrapi is attempting to take on a huge task: describe the childhood and adolescence of a girl, portray the history of a country many believe to be filled with religious extremists, address feminism and even be humorous. And somehow, she manages to do it flawlessly.
Something interesting I found while reading the book was the Baba-Levy family, who lived on Satrapi's street in Iran. They are a Jewish family living in Iran, and while many other Iranians are fleeing the county, they stay because it is their home. The father explains that his ancestry in Iran dates back for 3,000 years and he doesn't see why he should leave now. I find this interesting because my best friend's parents are from Iran, and they are also Jewish. They have the same background as this family, and most of their relatives still live there. My friend's parents escaped Iran during this time to move to the United States. Aside from the adolescent situations Satrapi describes in this book that I, like most other young girls, can relate to, I found it exciting that I can also draw a parallel to my life with this small detail.


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