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Modeling ideas for a revolution-like phenomenon

So I just wanted to list a bunch of ideas, most of which I'm not at all sure how to actually do with net logo.

 I want to set up a world in which almost every single agent is acting in the same way, but without really being aware of it. Then, I want one (or maybe more than one, but very few) agent(s) to become aware of its unconscious thoughts, and start reporting what it noticed to the rest of the world. If possible, I want to also have what the agent is reporting to influence the other agents. Basically, my idea is to end up with a kind of revolution in which new a phenomenon emerge due to the fact that a few agents started thinking about and reporting something that the others had not yet been aware of. Yes, I realize that this is probably way too much to do, but I would really like to model at least one of these things...


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