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Sorry I have missed posting

Sorry I have missed posting the last couple of weeks...

I BRIEFLY looked at the other posts this week as I am trying Paul's suggestion to post thoughts, etc. without reading others and then going back, so please excuse if I repeat. 


During the week, I have been thinking about the different case scenarios we were given in last weeks class and a question Paul asked about why (specifically, I believe to my group answer) we automatically immediately respond with the biological or medical aspect. During the week I was studying and began to feel a burning sensation in my stomach and then a headache came. I know for myself that my BODY SENSATIONS (burning in stomach, headache) are more noticeable and familiar and much more accesible than feelings of...anger, frustration, sadness. And that the physical cna give me (though can be quite detached at times)  important clues to figure what is going on within my internal self. Because I am more familiar and comfortable with stating, "I have a headache," than, "I feel angry because..." does not mean that one is more important than the other and that the headache is caused by a some biological or medical disaster.

That being said, I wonder for those who have a tendency to immediately go towards the medical or biologically how connected/detached do they feel to their body/mind?

I have no idea if this is making sense as I am rambling my thoughts down quite quickly!


See you tonight.




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