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100th monkey and the quality of stories


It's interesting; I had also heard of the 100th monkey in someinspirational setting and was somewhat skeptical about the story.  Itturns out that the story has been subject to some serious questions. 

I think what it shows us about the communication between two unconsciousnessis that we as humans actually have a tremendous reliance on stories and that astory does not have to be "True" or "Scientific" to havetremendous meaning for us.

Often we seem more tuned in with the body language of the storyteller or other things that guide our unconscious to trust or not trust, likeor not like, feel attracted to or repulsed by the story teller.

Often we do not make a choice about a story based on how muchsense it makes but based on how much we trust and like the story teller.  Of course our stories shape our unconscious aswell and prime it to react to certain stories and certain story tellers incertain ways. 



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