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Case #2

Treatment Plan:

First, we suggest getting a history and physical exam so that we can be absolutely certain of any physical conditions underlying the mental manifestations.  Second, we feel that it is important to support not only the patient, but also the sister emotionally.  If she is distraught emotionally (as she no doubt would be) it is important to address this so she can understand fully her brother's condition. Finally, we feel that we should attempt to rebuild the neural connections that have been severed between the tacit knowledge and the I-Function of the patient.  This might be done in a few ways.  We could attempt to recreate situations between the brother and sister where emotional connections were formed.  Hopefully, the situations would help strengthen or reinstate the old connections.  Another way might be to appeal to the brother's logical side.  If he understood and accepted what happened, he may be willing to spend time with the sister and develop new connections.    

Ryan, Katy, Yona 


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