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Yes I truly agree with you on the images that the artist has displayed. I myself suffer from a disability ,I was in a car accident which left me with a fracture femur and tibia ,after being released from the hospital I was very depressed ,I was not motivated to do my therapy. My disability is called degenerative bone disease and my right leg continues to loose weight due to lack of exercise, having diabetes and also from the use of drugs to numb my pain.Some people find it funny a make jokes and at times I can ignore them and other times I get so mad. But this disability does cause you to have a sense of low self esteem,lack of motivation and go into a very depressive state.Somedays are better than others for me,but I still press my way to work and to volunteer to share hope and strength with those who find it hard to cope with their addiction. I believe that the God I serve has spared my life from the use of drugs to share the strength he has given me to move forward in my life and to not give up. No matter what your circumstances may be continue to go forward and move forward so you can live to the fullest.


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