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"staying in the game" metaphor

It's nice-- I was heading back to the open-ended transactional working group page to find my student's wonderful essay when I came across something I wrote in 2006 about "staying in the game" as a metaphor for learning -- in that case, science learning.   It's at:



The relevant part is below, but in some ways more relevant is the idea that in this case Serendip is the game and it's interesting to think about it as a game that enables the kind of open-ended continuity (paradox there) that we seem to be talking about.  

Re: your post, Anne, about legal reasoning, could we see this as, at its best, the part of life whereby we need to hold with/to a particular working story for a while? 

"In thinking about the first meeting of this group and how to make it useful for everyone, I thought I'd share a few thoughts and also a few of the vantage points from which I offer them. As a third grade teacher during the 1980's, I stumbled into an inquiry-based approach to science as a way through a science fair my class was required to participate in. As with other things I got to do as a schoolteacher (drawing and dribbling a basketball come to mind), teaching science allowed me to recover a way of knowing and doing and asking questions that had gotten away from me for fear that I lacked sufficient mastery or talent to stay in the game."


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