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personal buy-in

I completely agree that students and the teacher need a personal buy-in.  That is why I started my course with an discussion of the Biology of Learning.  I was jazzed, the students loved playing the memory games I set up and we finished by reflecting on what type of "learners" we see ourselves as.  It was the best lab of the year so far.

I'm troubled when everyone is bored by the topic, unengaged and wishing they could just finish.  I'm still excited by the topic, but students can't relate or don't see the point.  I suspect I've failed to tie it together for them, but some days I don't have the luxury of building every bridge they need to cross.  Maybe that is a "symptom" of the "health" of my learning goals.  I may have a "health" program that is unhealthy if the learning goals are not conducive to healthy learning.

I love the health metaphor, especially using vital signs to diagnose a class.



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