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Architecture and eating



BLUE- Number of meals before Bryn Mawr

RED- Number of meals after Bryn Mawr


The purpose of my survey was trying to figure out whether the location of a dorm affects the eating habits of a student. To narrow down my search I only surveyed freshmen from 3 dorms. Denbigh dorm because it is central on campus. Brecon dorm because it is further from dining halls than any other dorm. And Haffner because it is located right next to a dining hall. 

My results are not reliable because I only surveyed 6 freshmen from each dorm. For the sake of an argument though it does seem as though half the students at Haffner are eating more at college than they did at home. Half the students I surveyed from Brecon are eating less now than they did at home. A couple students in Denbigh are eating less now that they are in college, but again that could be caused by many reasons. 





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